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MCDC History

The Montgomery County Development Corporation today represents a private-public partnership, established as a one stop shop for business in Montgomery County. It is the product of the unification of commercial operations and disparate programs. One vision, one operational design, designed to link the multiple resources and assets the County has to offer for the citizens and business of Montgomery County.

The Beginning

In 1958, the Montgomery County Commissioners authorized the formation of a study group to consider the feasibility/necessity of a formalized County-level industrial development effort organization. The members of that study group included representatives from the major chambers of commerce, the County Planning Commission, the County Manufacturers Association, and others. The study group recommended that the County Commissioners establish a formal organization within the framework of County government.

In 1959, the MCIDC was established as the “Montgomery County Planning Commission-Industrial Development Committee.” The Montgomery County Commissioners appointed a ten-person committee, and the County Planning Commission provided staff. In establishing MCIDC, the County Commissioners declared it the “sole official industrial development agency” of Montgomery County under the provisions of the Pennsylvania Industrial Development Assistance Act of 1955.

By mid-1961, it became apparent to the Committee that the organizational structure within the County Planning Commission was too restrictive to meet the needs of the industrial community of Montgomery County. The committee recommended that the County Commissioners reorganize the Committee as a separate department of County government with its own staff. In 1961, the County Commissioners authorized the recommended reorganization.

The new organization was named “The Montgomery County Industrial Development Committee,” with a ten-person Board of Directors. It hired MCIDC’s first executive director and secretary. MCIDC then began its operations in earnest, which included the inauguration of four basic programs that continue today. These include:

  • Site location assistance to industries seeking to purchase or lease space on Montgomery County
  • Maintenance of an inventory of sites and buildings available for sale or lease
  • Publication of a Montgomery County Industrial Directory
  • The first industrial development advertising specifically designed to promote and expand the economy of Montgomery County.

By late 1963, the MCIDC Board concluded that its structural ties to the government of Montgomery County rendered it legally ineligible to participate in the direct loan program of the Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority (PIDA). The MCIDC Board recommended that the County Commissioners reorganize MCIDC into a private, independent, nonprofit industrial development corporation. In October 1964, with the approval of Montgomery County Commissioners — MCIDC was incorporated as the “Montgomery County Industrial Development Corporation. With the first Board of Directors, appointed by the County Commissioners, all successive Boards have been elected by the dues-paying membership.

The Sixties

  • 1964 reorganization of MCIDC into its present form enabled MCIDC to expand its operations into areas otherwise impractical.
  • 1967, Montgomery County became eligible to participate in the PIDA program by the Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority.
  • 1969, MCIDC commenced publication of its Industrial Parks Booklet
  • April 1969, the County Commissioners formed the Industrial Development Authority (IDA).

The Seventies

  • March 2, 1972, the first Business/PIDA project was approved. Laminators Inc. of Hatfield. The project included an expansion of their facilities on a 4.1-acre site where a 22,000 square foot building was erected.
  • 1977, MCIDC developed its Municipal Development Plan, and began its Distressed Communities Program.

The Eighties

  • 1980 – MCIDC began publication of its first newsletter, The Indicator. Each issue contained information on the successful application of available financing programs, data on pending legislation, and other matters that may impact the daily functioning of business enterprises.
  • 1982, MCIDC promoted the formation of the Suburban Development Council as a separate, private sector non-profit organization. Since 1983 the Council has provided low rate participating first mortgage loans for real estate facility projects for dozens of industrial firms, which resulted in the creation of more than 803 new jobs from 1983 to present. The Council’s Revolving Loan Program is administered by MCIDC and is being managed to last well into the 21st Century.
  • 1984, the Suburban Development Council (SDC) financed and built its first speculative building in Pottstown. Ken-Crest Centers, Inc. purchased the facility.
  • 1986, MCIDC was certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Commerce as an eligible agency under the States’ Business Infrastructure Development (BID) Program.

The Nineties

  • 1992, MCIDC partnered with DVIRC, Ben Franklin Technology Partners, and 16 regional organizations to form Strategy 21. The Strategy 21 Partners are committed to helping area firms improve their competitive positions.
  • 1993, MCIDC was recognized as a certified agency to prepare PEDFA Applications for tax-free and taxable projects.
  • December 1993, Southeast Pennsylvania Export Consortium (SEPEC) and Team PA’s Export Network became added resources providing assistance with export and marketing services to assist PA businesses throughout the world.
  • 1994, the DVIRC and Ben Franklin Technology Partners took up full-time residence at MCDC’s offices. This partnership forms a seamless network of services for businesses in the county.
  • November 1994, MCIDC became the owners of an office building financed through the PIDA building project. The Three Tower Bridge building in Conshohocken was the first property in its portfolio. The building is home to Jacobs Engineering.
  • 1996, MCIDC took ownership of its second building utilizing PIDA Financing. The second property added to the portfolio, Citizens Bank building in Norristown is leased and managed by the Corporation.
  • July 2009, MCIDC changed its name to the Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC). In order for us to better serve the economic development needs of our diverse county we have decided that our name should reflect our involvement in every aspect of the County’s economy.

The Present

  • July 2009, MCIDC changed its name to the Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC). In order for us to better serve the economic development needs of our diverse county we have decided that our name should reflect our involvement in every aspect of the County’s economy.
  • April 2014, in order to maximize the effectiveness and optimize the value of or training, employment and capital formation services for the citizens and business of Montgomery County, the Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC) merged its operations into the Montgomery County Development Corporation (MCDC).

-This in turn, allowed the MCDC to reestablish itself as a member organization, revise its bylaws and add nine (9) new board seats held by the members of the MCEDC.


Our economic development business plan is fundamentally based upon an integrated model. We continue to maintain strong linkages with the Real Estate Community; while leveraging partnerships with: the manufacturing alliance, municipal outreach, D2PA, and our operational partners  Our programs continue to evolve and develop in order to accommodate the emerging changes in the biotech, pharmaceutical, and information technology industries. With this as our foundation, we will continue to support the changes and challenges facing business in Montgomery County.